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Virtually Terror

Mr. Fat Plastic White Man


42cm x 29,7cm


Buntstift auf Papier

Virtually Terror

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Mr Fat Plastic White Man has created a series of drawings on the theme of data distortion. The nature of the work visualises algorithmic manipulation through artistic artistry. The artwork is a critical analysis of algorithmic distortion and corruption.
To create an artwork, a digital drawing is first designed using the simple software Sketchbook. Then the code of the digital drawing is randomly processed. This radically distorts and re-proportions the drawing. Screenshots are then taken of segments of the distorted file. This is then repeated several times. The screenshots then become patterns that can be used to create new drawings, creating a feedback loop. The sample screenshots are not used on their own, but serve as a tool to re-conceptualise and inspire the digital drawings. The drawings are referred to as "cyberspace landscapes" and are realised as pencil colour drawings.
The artwork is provocative in nature to allow for discussion. They question the impact that algorithms have on shaping the neurological activity of the brain. To discuss the impact that algorithms have on isolated and marginalised groups and individuals. Whether algorithms have the power to act as a potential weapon against the consciousness of the masses? "Computers don't just add to, reframe and shape culture by operating below our everyday casual awareness. It actually becomes culture."

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