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Kekic, Ivana

Kekic, Ivana

Nahm an der Winterauktion 2022 teil
Nahm an Sommer-Auktion 2022 teil

Ivana Kekic is a multimedia artist currently living in Berlin. She was born in North Macedonia and grew up in Serbia. In 2017 she graduated with a BFA in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.
In her practice she expresses herself with different media, such as: painting, drawings, sculptures, analog photography, audiovisual installations. In the past two years she has been experimenting with light and shadows. Her focus is on the creative process of capturing abstract images created by nature and translating them into visual forms. She uses reflections and shadows to create compositions which are connected to the subconscious, dreams and mental images. By paying attention to the similarities in form and sometimes even repetition of shapes, the observer realizes nature's ways of communication and can give them a new meaning by interpreting them.

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