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Jaraiz, Becky

Jaraiz, Becky

Nahm an der Winterauktion 2022 teil
Nahm an der Frühlings-Auktion 2022 teil

Becky Jaraiz is a Spanish illustrator and painter who graduated in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She completed her last years of education in Münster, right before moving to Berlin. There she started exhibiting solo at different art centers investigating topics about identity and the constant swing between migration and gender. From this intersection emerged a work that questions structural violence, power schemes and the coexistence of contradictions. For this narrative she focuses on watercolor, acrylic, oil, charcoal and engraving. Overlays and impulsive paintbrushes, that blend both abstraction and figuration, belong to her artistic identity.

In 2019 she illustrated for the documentaries "Ausencias" by Alicia Elero
and "What the hell is going on?" by Marta Jaenes and Rosa Márquez. She also collaborated with cultural projects and curated collective exhibitions such as "Boys will be boys", "Abstand" and "Pusstopia", which motivated her to initiate the collective Pussart.

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