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Imbeau, Stephanie

Imbeau, Stephanie

Fotografie & Plastik

Nahm an Sommer-Auktion 2022 teil

Stephanie Imbeau received her MFA from Newcastle University in 2007 and a BFA from The Ohio State University in 2004. Her ambitious outdoor umbrella installations have been staged all around the world; including her competition-winning piece for Channel 4, Shelter, staged in London (2009), as well as for Cannes Lions Festival; the Light City festival in Baltimore, MD; and WAVE Light + Water + Sound festival in Breckenridge, CO. In addition to her large-scale installations, her sewn drawings and ceramic work has been exhibited in Germany, France, England, Greece, and the United States. Imbeau has been awarded a number of residencies around the world. Since 2016, she has lived and worked in Berlin.

She uses a variety of mediums with a specific interest in materials that posses the opposing qualities of utility and fragility, such as clay, cardboard and fabric.
Imbeau considers her approach to art-making as respiratory, there is the “out breath” of large, ambitious, typically outdoor works; and the “in breath” of smaller, quieter works created in the studio; from porcelain and other craft-based methods. This diversity of her practice requires a lot of balancing, but just as one cannot only exhale or inhale, the big and the small facets of her work are essential, and the two end up informing and influencing the other.

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