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Lot 68

Mariia Kulchytska

Thinking about ballet 41


Fotografie, Hahnemühle Photo-Matt-Fibre 200g/cm² - matt und warmweiß

Thinking about ballet 41
Thinking about ballet 41

Thinking about ballet 41
Thinking about ballet 41


45 cm x 30 cm


50 cm x 40 cm x 4 cm

Limitpreis: 200€

zzgl. Aufgeld von 10%

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Text der Künstlerin/des Künstlers zum LOT:

Ballet is an art that is not subject to spontaneity and improvisation. As a child, you stand at
the ballet barre and, like a sculptor, hone your skills step by step. For over 7 years, I have been
observing the world of ballet both in the studio and behind the scenes, trying to see ballet from
different angles and capturing it with my camera.
This photo was taken by me during the ballet company's tour in Berlin. It is especially valuable to
me because I had to search for a unique angle to capture my idea and pay tribute to my favorite
artist Degas, and also play with his painting style and love for ballet. In this photo, I am literally
hovering over the stage at the moment when the ballerinas depict swans from "Swan Lake". I
had only a few seconds to capture the moment when they all come together in a beautiful, tight
pattern. This photo comes with a certificate of authenticity and the author's signature. It is a
limited edition of 10 copies.

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Lot 68


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